CP-1 Black Capo for Acoustic and Electric Guitars


Black Capo for Acoustic or Electric Guitars with Leather Bag

WW-CP-1 Black Capo for Acoustic or Electric Guitars 
• High quality machined steel
• Concealed spring action
• Radiused for acoustic or electric guitar
• Includes nice genuine leather pouch

While we were looking for a machine shop to make our extra long strap locks, we happened across these very solid and well made capos. Candidly, other than the better than usual materials (all steel not aluminum) and higher quality machining, they’re not all that different from other capos that use this basic design, except that they’ve come up with a nice way to keep the spring out of sight inside the body of the capo where it’s not going to snag on anything. And since we are leather guys around here, we’re putting them in a nice leather pouch suitable for storing the capo and all those other little things that are rattling around in your guitar case.

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