Walker and Williams Fine Leather
The old gents, back in the day.

Horse Collar Heaven. Our humble roots.


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Welcome to Walker & Williams

From our start in the late 19th century in the horse collar business, we’ve gone on to make harnesses and saddles, steamer trunks, industrial belting, buggy whips, military leggings, bomber jackets, flying helmets and just about every thing that can be made from leather. We still do make some of those things, although the market for buggy whips is way down these days.

Throughout this site, you’ll find a variety of premium guitar, banjo, mandolin and ukulele straps in many, many styles. We currently are offering over 350 different designs, about 10 times what the next guys have. This could make it challenging to find exactly what you want on the site, so please settle in for a good browse through our range of straps. And if you have any questions about our products, feel free to email me personally EBW@walkerandwilliams.com or phone us at 805-698-9547.

Ok, get yourself a new strap!

Here are a few of our more popular products</h3 >