XSL-2 Extra Long Black Strap Locks


Here are our new exclusive extra long deep barrel strap locks in black.


XSL-2 Black Long Barrel Strap Locks

One little problem with our double padded straps is that it’s pretty hard to get standard strap locks to work with them because the leather is so thick. Standard strap locks can be difficult enough to get onto even slightly thicker straps, so we’ve come up with the solution. Our extra long barrel strap locks are specially machined to be 5/16″ longer than standard strap locks. It doesn’t sound like much, but it’s just what the doctor ordered to comfortably use strap locks on all our padded straps as well as many other straps out there that are a little thicker than the common single thickness end caps.

In addition, our new strap locks come with full sized US screws, so they won’t pull out like those not-quite-big-enough metric screws a lot of strap locks come with. And since the screws are stainless steel, they are far less likely to break or fail in use.

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