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As premium guitar strap crafters, we hope that Walker & Williams will be your source for the finest leather guitar straps anywhere. Since 1894, our families have been designing and manufacturing fine leather goods for customers all over the world. From premium leather guitar straps to horse collars, saddles, luggage, industrial belting and Amelia Earhart’s leather flying helmet, at some point over the last 125 years, we have made it all. For quality and long lasting durability, we craft our products with the best leather and materials available. Throughout our site, you’ll find a variety of premium guitar, banjo, mandolin and ukulele straps in many styles, all designed to look great and stay comfortable. Please browse through the site and have a look at our range of straps. And if you have any questions about our products, feel free to contact us at 800-354-5351.

21 thoughts on “Walker and Williams Guitar Straps

  1. Ray says:

    Beautiful guitar strap comfortable high quality made for the price you got my business I will differently recommend walker@ Williams

  2. Gary Novak says:

    I just received my “one of a kind” leather guitar strap today, I gotta say; I really love it. It’s just wide enough at 2-1/2″, and just padded enough to make it really comfortable. My Les Paul is seriously heavy, and this strap takes a lot of the load off. Shipping was also really fast, I’ll be ordering more. Well worth the money, great work!

  3. Steve Houseman says:

    My strap is awesome! I love it! I bought it for a 5 string jazz bass and it feels 10 times better than the other premium strap I had. Plus it smells like a boot store. It doesn’t get any better than that. Thank you very much for this well made and comfortable strap. I am very happy with my purchase.

  4. DAVID GREEN says:

    Wow, what beautiful work! True American craftsmanship! You’ve got a customer for life! I’ll definitely spread the word about Walker and Williams guitar straps!

  5. Matthew Hall says:

    I just received my Bourbon Brown Leather Strap for my guitar and the quality is absolutely amazing! I will always recommend any of their products to everyone! Also, don’t forget to check your package that it comes in. They also throw in a nice pick!

  6. Dennis Drap says:

    Bought three straps in a month. Unbelievable quality and price. Would not buy from anyone else. Just wish I found the site sooner. Dennis Drap

  7. Robert Turner says:

    I bought my first strap for my Les Paul. I was looking for something padded to help with the extra weight of the guitar. Since that purchase, l now use Walker & Williams straps and strap locks exclusively on all nine of my guitars


    This is my third Walker and William purchase..I really love the quality and the price. The designs are awesome..really unique! Keep up the good work..!!

  9. Bryan Southard says:

    These are the finest straps available. They are super well made and luxurious. I own 4. That pretty much says it all.

  10. Chris says:

    I just ordered my fourth Walker and Williams strap. I play several types of instruments and all of them are being treated to W&W now. Not only are these straps comfortable and well made, they look great and complement the look of my instruments like they were made for each other. It’s one thing to have the right tool for the job; it’s another to look good too. Great products W&W!

  11. TJ Jones says:

    Love the strap ( GB 105 ) Black Cherry – Live Oak , I received. Very good quality and workmanship. This is also a very comfortable strap and I would highly recommend your product to anyone looking for a step up from the usual. I’m sure you will be getting another order from me again.

  12. J.C. Mullins says:

    These straps are an extension of your guitar’s personality.

    Walker & Williams straps are wonderful! They use excellent material and have great attention to detail.

  13. Chuck Duncan says:

    I just ordered three more guitar straps from you guys…the first three or four I bought are outstanding complements to my guitars…beautiful craftsmanship, quality, design and comfort. Anyone who loves their guitars should not settle for anything less than a Walker and Williams strap!

  14. James says:

    I bought my first Walker & Williams guitar strap last year. I had to buy a second one recently for another guitar and can’t be happier! At first, I first wished for a longer strap. Nope nope nope….it made me break some bad habits along with some other practice tips. I play the heavier mahogany guitar and the thick padded leather straps doesn’t give me fatigue. I will buy again!!!!

  15. Joey Edwards says:

    I got my 1st guitar strap from Walker & Williams a year ago and was very surprised at the quality of it for the money I paid. (I’ve been offered $70 for it. I didn’t take it) Just ordered my 2nd one and can’t wait till it gets here. I’ve tried looking around for straps of the same quality and they are a least twice the price, so I’ll stick with Walker & Williams!!! Thanks so Much all you do!!

  16. Dale Hall says:

    Love your straps just purchased the copperhead design. It matched my custom copperhead tele perfect. I am building another custom tele with a rattle snake vibe to it and was hoping you had that same copperhead pattern strap in a rattle snake pattern but I cant find one. Do you make one?

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