SF-03 White & Black Snakeskin Pattern with Snakehead


5.00 out of 5

White Snakeskin Pattern with Snakehead


SF-03 White & Black Snakeskin Pattern with Snakehead

  • White Snakeskin Patterned & Textured Leather with (simulated) Snakehead
  • Super Comfortable Padded Glove Leather Back
  • Double Reinforced End Caps
  • Matching Top Stitching
  • 2.75″ wide
  • Adjustable from 41″-53″

Reviews (3)

3 reviews for SF-03 White & Black Snakeskin Pattern with Snakehead

  1. Guitarjunkie61

    AWesome design! Gotta save my pennies for this one! ” A must have”!

  2. Doc

    I love the look with is one on my Black Martin Special X
    Very reasonable priced.

  3. Adam Kolkowski

    I’m sorry not sorry but THESE ARE THE MOST BADA$$ guitar straps I’ve ever owned or seen!! I was shopping around and LITERALLY every Walker and Williams strap is better than the next. If looks could kill.. I have the Blue Black Strap with Skulls and the Cream colored Dragon. These are so next level!

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