SF-03 White & Black Snakeskin Pattern with Snakehead


5.00 out of 5

White Snakeskin Pattern with Snakehead


SF-03 White & Black Snakeskin Pattern with Snakehead

  • White Snakeskin Patterned & Textured Leather with (simulated) Snakehead
  • Super Comfortable Padded Glove Leather Back
  • Double Reinforced End Caps
  • Matching Top Stitching
  • 2.75″ wide
  • Adjustable from 41″-53″

Reviews (5)

5 reviews for SF-03 White & Black Snakeskin Pattern with Snakehead

  1. Guitarjunkie61

    AWesome design! Gotta save my pennies for this one! ” A must have”!

  2. Doc

    I love the look with is one on my Black Martin Special X
    Very reasonable priced.

  3. Adam Kolkowski

    I’m sorry not sorry but THESE ARE THE MOST BADA$$ guitar straps I’ve ever owned or seen!! I was shopping around and LITERALLY every Walker and Williams strap is better than the next. If looks could kill.. I have the Blue Black Strap with Skulls and the Cream colored Dragon. These are so next level!

  4. Ron (verified owner)

    I really want to be sarcastic and show a pic of this strap with my new Strat. But, im not able to post that pic. Lets just say the guitar looks exactly like this strap. These straps make you want to build a guitar to match. My third strap from this company. Also, my third build. A+++

  5. Devin

    Absolutely top shelf strap. Have had them for years and they just hold up. Thanks guys!

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