CVG-52 Hand Tooled Red Rose Padded Strap


Red leather with Red Rose design from our new hand tooled series


The CVG Carved Series is a new line for us that combines 100% hand tooled and hand colored designs with our top grain and glove leathers. By inserting one section of tooled carving leather into the softer top grain strap we get a strap that is much more comfortable than a stiff carving leather strap but still shows off the detail and artistry we can only get with hand carving.

CVG-52 Red with Rose Design

  • Red Top Grain Top Welt
  • Hand Tooled and Painted Carving Leather Rose Insert 
  • Super Comfortable Padded Glove Leather Back 
  • Double Reinforced End Caps
  • Matching Top Stitching
  • 2 1/2″ wide
  • Adjustable from 44-55″ 


Reviews (2)

2 reviews for CVG-52 Hand Tooled Red Rose Padded Strap

  1. Don Backherms (verified owner)

    I have this strap on an Ibenez Jem. Really compliments the Tree of Life Inlay. Plus the colors make great contrast to the Arctic white guitar. Looks great. Including the 2 straps I just ordered, I now have 9 Walker and Williams straps. All on the last 9 guitars I bought. Get a lot of compliments my beautiful guitars. But a lot of compliments on my beautiful straps. Can’t think of any other product I buy that so impresses me for quality, cost, and service as Walker and Williams. I am a fan. Would like to add a couple of stars. P.S. I used to put strap locks on all guitars. Don’t need to with your straps. Never had one slip off a strap button. Saves me about $20 a strap skipping the locks.

  2. David Green (verified owner)

    I have this strap on my naturally finished Epiphone Sheraton. It looks amazing with the contrast in color, I get many compliments on the guitars grain and inlay work, but everyone wants to know where I got it. I proudly tell them it’s a Walker&Williams strap made here in the U. S. and with great prices on hand tooled straps. Thanks Walker&Williams for making such an exceptional guitar strap!

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