C-35 Black Premium Leather with Studs Double Padded Strap


5.00 out of 5

An extra wide 3.25″ model from W&W’s top of the line Cellini series with Walker & Williams’ signature double thick padding and metal studs


Here is the new C-35 model from W&W’s top of the line Cellini series. Extra wide at 3.25″ with Walker & Williams’ signature double thick padding (almost 1/2″ of padding), the C-35 features a row of metal studs.

This is the nicest strap that W&W has made yet. The quality and feel of the C-35 is unbelievable.

These are 100% handmade straps crafted with special skill and care, using only ultra premium top grain leather. They look fantastic and they are really, really comfortable.

Walker & Williams C-35 handmade double padded leather strap using all top quality AAA premium materials

  • Black Top Grain Leather Top Welt with Metal Studs
  • Ultra Soft Glove Leather Back with Double Thick Padding
  • Contrasting Single Needle Top Stitching
  • 3 1/4″ wide and adjustable from 47-54″

Reviews (6)

6 reviews for C-35 Black Premium Leather with Studs Double Padded Strap

  1. Billy Law

    Looks and feels great. Pre Ernie Ball Stingray weighs quite a bit but can stand for hours with no discomfort with this strap.
    Highly Recommended!

  2. Dr. Kim (verified owner)

    Quality, Quality, Quality it blew me away by far and away the best strap I have and I have plenty.

  3. Frank Christopher

    I just got this strap and I am blown away at how good it looks, how well it’s made, and the quality of material. I have a Gibson Custom Shop 335 and this strap compliments it perfectly. If you have nice guitars these classy straps are for you. And last but not least, the reasonable price. Thank you Walker and William’s for helping us out.

  4. Alvimar D Quitoriano

    make this strap back in-stock !!!

  5. Mark c

    Bought this for my Les Paul and took the weight off.stunning strap,I’ve seen cheaper straps go for double the money ipaid for my strap, and the Quality blows a lot of straps out of the water. By far the best strap I’ve ever owned.

  6. Brad Tester (verified owner)

    Needed a thick, padded strap for my Schecter Ultra Bass, which is the heaviest guitar I have, from the 20+ I own. This strap was one of the first ones I ordered, and was, hands down, the best strap that I could have ever hoped for..when it came to easing the weight issue. It is so comfortable, that I have no issue keeping the Ultra on, for hours now.(AND….It was $40-$50 cheaper than other straps out there, that aren’t anywhere close to how nice this one is!) Amazing strap, impeccable quality!

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