SLP-SB Anti Slip Multi Use Suede Strap Liner


The SLP-SB will help with any sliding and slipping of our glove leather backing material. To be used with any strap.


After many years of customer interest and a great need to stop your smooth backed strap from sliding around on your shoulder, we have finally done it. Here’s the anti-slip, all suede, multi-use, SLP-SB strap liner. With a light adhesive padded backing, you can simply stick it to any strap that is giving you the ol’ slip & shuffle. We have chosen a very light adhesive application, so you can take it off without damaging your strap and use it on any other strap. When it’s on your shoulder you will feel the extra padded layer for comfort and the strap is not going anywhere. Play steady.

All Suede Multi-Use Nonslip Strap Liner Accessory

  • Top Grain Suede
  • All Hand Sewn
  • Padded Center
  • Double Layered
  • 10″ Long
  • 2″ Wide
  • Multi Use Soft Adhesive Backing


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