Okay, that’s it. No more shipping to the UK

I’m sorry but we’re going to stop shipping to the UK altogether. The duties and other fees are just insane. They really, really don’t want you buying stuff from the US.

Every day we send straps all over the world without problems, but when we ship to the UK it’s a problem every time. The postage is very high and then there will be fees and VAT and duties that are just as much as the postage. And then you’re going to get mad at us. So let’s just call a time-out for now.

  • Okay, I’ll tell you what we can do. I’m really perfectly happy to send our straps to the UK, I just don’t want you getting upset at us. If you’d like to order something, drop us an email and we’ll make it happen.

4 thoughts on “Okay, that’s it. No more shipping to the UK

  1. Brian Kelley says:

    With out a doubt they are hands down the best straps I have personally taken on tour with me. I always make sure there are plenty on the tour
    Bus and always have extras around for other friends and band mates whether we are on a world tour or just hanging out with friends I give them to everyone and brag excessively about there comfort.
    And although it isn’t really the point I can afford a much more expensive custom strap but I’d be a liar if I didn’t appreciate their pricing over there at w&w. I can’t say enough good things about what
    They are doing keep it up boys.
    Brian Kelley of Florida Georgia Line

  2. Marcus Steve says:

    I dealt with Griffin at W&W 2019. Although yes this entry is few years overdue. However the motive of this comment remains. I easily am able to rant on about W&W superior quality products made and produced by their talented leather craftsman. Much time saving simpler statement is … “if you are not purchasing & gigging with W&W you are totally missing the boat.” W&W pride in their craftsmanship is a breathe of fresh air. Griffin was a pillar to assure above and beyond my requested needs were not only met however exceeded.
    W&W is surely a stable asset to have in my corner.

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