Problems With Shipping To The UK – What Is Up With That?

I have been using Royal Mail to send things to the UK for many years and I am at a loss to understand why they have so much trouble delivering mail to addresses that may not have changed for 500 years.

In contrast, the Australian postal system, where everything is hundreds or thousands of miles from anywhere else, never has any problem quickly delivering any parcel, despite the fact that an Australian postman literally faces death if he gets lost or his vehicle breaks down or he runs across the wrong sort of spider.

So while I am happy to send your order to the UK, I am not happy to receive your angry emails asking me where the hell your package is or why you have to go to some postal office to pick it up. I don’t know. I don’t understand how anything works in the UK. Ask Margaret Thatcher, who thought it would be a really great idea to privatize your mail system. Maybe she knows.

What I do know is that everything we send to the UK gets to where it’s supposed to go…eventually. It just takes a while. I wouldn’t even consider getting nervous about it for at least 30 days.

Canada Post is really, really slow too, but to be fair, they have a vast amount of territory to deliver to and most of it is covered with icebergs and inhabited mostly by hungry bears.

4 thoughts on “Problems With Shipping To The UK – What Is Up With That?

  1. Rudi says:

    I have two W&W straps already & they are my favourites (more comfortable than my Heistercamp). Too bad about uk posting. I do understand though – I have issues with Royal Mail myself.

  2. Ian Griggs says:

    Yup, over here in uk Amazon have managed in ten years to show just how good their service is and how slow our Royal Mail is. They are a standing joke in uk. Im happy to wait for your straps as they look so good. Great job boys!

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