Customizing Straps

Can you put my initials on one of your straps?

Well…um…no. There are a couple of reasons that we don’t do custom work like this and why a personalized strap is something it would be better to ask a local leather artist to make for you.

First, the very soft garment leather that we use for most of our straps is just not the type of stiff carving leather that it’s possible to cut initials into. We do put our logo on the straps, but it is stamped into the leather before the strap is sewn together.

And second, we are not actually lonesome pioneers working out in the woods like the original Mr. Walker and Mr. Williams were. Our straps are made by a sizable team of people cutting and sewing straps several hundred at a time. Although it would be more fun, we really can’t stop the processes and go make up a couple of custom straps without running our costs (and yours) way up.

13 thoughts on “Customizing Straps

  1. Paul Woodruff says:

    Just wanted to say THANK YOU!! Ordered 3 straps from you guys and I have to say “WOW” what an awesome product at an awesome price. Two for me–one for a great fried of mine at a price that I would have had to pay for ONE strap of this quality anywhere else!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. William Kramer says:

    William K.
    I’ve purchased 8 quality straps, from these guys, and have not been disappointed! Most of these, were ordered in the last few weeks. I enjoy matching my straps, to my guitars, and W&W, always comes through for me. Most are the premium and pro series. Comfort and quality, are un-paralled! Awesome company.

  3. Robert Randa says:

    Robert R.

    Awesome strap! I ordered the SF-03 White and Black Snakeskin Pattern with Snakehead. Looks very COOL with my Gibson ES Les Paul, Very nice quality for your buck!! Shipped very fast! Thanks!!!

  4. Jeff Maxwell says:

    Bought one on the recommendation from a friend who never recommends any products. Liked the first one so much I ordered 2 more right away. Great product at a “Real” price point. More orders in the future for sure!

  5. Scott Weis says:

    After 30+ years of touring as a guitarist and now run a boutique guitar shop I have found no better product to be proud to sell , knowing my customer will be truly satisfied.
    From the construction of excellence to the looks by far the best on the market by far !,,
    Comfort and durability A+++
    Price point the best
    So I’m dropping all other strap lines and just selling Walker and Williams

  6. Jon says:

    I really love my guitar straps! You guys make a wonderful quality product at a really great price. Thanks for being awesome.

  7. Bill Emig says:

    You guys make quality straps at a very affordable price! Just ordered my 2nd one and couldn’t be happier to have stumbled across your website!!

  8. cmthomes says:

    I bought a G-52 for my dark blue Fender Custom Shop Strat, a GB-105 for my Heritage Cherry 335, a KB-59 for my Black Cherry Les Paul Studio, and an LHR-23 for my PRS S2 Studio which is off-white with a tortoise pickguard. I still have more guitars to outfit, these straps are so beautiful, so stylish. Most of all once I strap in they hold my guitars in place with a secure steady feeling, and super-dooper level of comfort . So satisfying, such great straps. I’m going to run out of guitars, maybe have two straps per guitar depending on my mood. Thanks for a satisfying purchase experience, fast and they are even better live than they are in photographs. Well done.

  9. William Haynie says:

    Bought 3.25″ wide strap for my Taylor. I hardly feel any weight on my shoulder. Only problem with it is getting it hooked to the neck pin. No problem. I’ll use on my Jazz Bass which is 3 or 4 times the weight, and get another less wide and use it on the Taylor or PRS electric. I really like the strap and intend to buy more of them for my Martin, Strat, and Takamine after I switch them around and test for comfort. Really great products for a reasonable price. Thanks!

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