Customizing Straps

Can you put my initials on one of your straps?

Well…um…no. There are a couple of reasons that we don’t do custom work like this and why a personalized strap is something it would be better to ask a local leather artist to make for you.

First, the very soft garment leather that we use for most of our straps is just not the type of stiff carving leather that it’s possible to cut initials into. We do put our logo on the straps, but it is stamped into the leather before the strap is sewn together.

And second, we are not actually lonesome pioneers working out in the woods like the original Mr. Walker and Mr. Williams were. Our straps are made by a sizable team of people cutting and sewing straps several hundred at a time. Although it would be more fun, we really can’t stop the processes and go make up a couple of custom straps without running our costs (and yours) way up.