XL-72 Black Strap Extender Lengthens Premium Series Straps Up To 60″


New black strap length extender for most of our Premium C-series straps.


Here’s the new strap extension for most of our Premium series straps. It’s a longer replacement tailpiece for our C series straps, which extends the maximum length by 5 1/2″ to about 60″ from 55″. This extender can also be used with most of our Pro series straps and will actually extend them up to about 62″. The main difference between the XL-60 and XL-72 is in the quality and thickness of the leather, although the XL-72 is also about 2.5″ longer than the XL-60.

The size and width of the XL-72 extender also happens to be the same as many other straps on the market that use the “ladder” type adjustment system, so it may very well fit other straps you have.

XL-72 Black Strap Extender

  • 28.5″ long and 1 1/8″ wide
  • Extends maximum length of C-series straps by 5.5″ to about 60″.
  • Black top grain leather with white top stitching
  • Can be used with many other straps that use standard 1 1/8″ ladder type adjustment

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