F-01 Black Gator Padded Strap


5.00 out of 5

The F Series is our very popular line of lizard and alligator textured straps.

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F-01 Black Gator Strap with Padded glove leather Back

• Rugged Gator Texture Black Top Welt
• Super Comfortable Padded Glove Leather Back
• Double Reinforced End Caps
• Matching Top Stitching
• 2  3/4″ wide
• Adjustable from 47-52″

Reviews (6)

6 reviews for F-01 Black Gator Padded Strap

  1. Kim

    I purchased this guitar strap for my grandson,an aspiring rock star. It looks good on him & his guitar.I’m glad he likes it & am happy with my purchase.

  2. B. Styles

    Well made strap and the materials are very nice.

  3. Thomas Kibodeaux

    Gorgeous super soft strap. Very well built. The padded part is like very nice glove leather and the gator/croc markings are quite convincing. I live and play along the TX/LA Gulf Coast and after a little polishing, many that really know Gators have asked if it was real gator skin!

  4. Nathan Daniel

    My wife purchased this guitar strap for me a couple days ago and I just received it. I am very impressed by the quality, and the padding is super nice. It is very comfortable to wear and it keeps my guitar in place very nicely. It looks very nice with my guitar and I will highly recommend these straps to anyone looking!

  5. Gary Novak

    I bought this strap for myself at Christmas, (from a big online retailer) it’s my second purchase of a W&W strap, and it’s pretty freaking great. I was able to bolt on my strap-locks with no issues and it distributes the weight of my heavy-ass Les Paul nicely. Smells like new leather, looks like new leather and the price was right. Going on 3 months now, half a dozen gigs. No problems.

  6. Gary Novak

    Since my Les Paul weighs nearly as much as my ex-wife, I needed a quality strap. And since my ego is bigger than her thighs, I needed it to look good. Score! This strap looks great, adapted to strap locks pretty easily, and my Gibson and I are loving it! Great work man. I’ll buy more.

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