AT-2 Brown Acoustic Guitar Strap Button Headstock Adaptor


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Our new model heavy duty headstock adapter, used on many instruments that need a place to attach a strap.

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Our new AT-2 headstock adapter is a heavy duty upscale version of our AT-1, used for attaching a guitar strap to the headstock of an acoustic guitar or other instrument that does not have a strap button in the heel of the neck. These headstock adapters are also commonly used on all kinds of other instruments that need a place to attach a strap, such as Dobros, mandolins, bouzoukis and ukuleles.

Please note that the AT-2 is both longer and thicker than most other headstock attachments that are available. As a result, it will work just fine out of the box with the typical guitar strap that uses a single thickness of leather for the end caps, but until it’s broken in and softened up, it can be a challenge to use this with a strap that has doubled up or thick padded end caps, which actually includes most of the Walker & Williams straps.

Because the full grain carving leather we use for this accessory is quite thick and stiff, it will take some time to break in, like a stiff pair of new boots. But like the new boots, it will soften as you use it over time, form itself to your guitar and should then last just about forever.
AT-2 Brown Acoustic Guitar Strap Button Headstock Adapter
• Attaches to the headstock of any acoustic guitar and many kinds of other instruments
• Longer and thicker than most headstock strap adapters on the market
• Features tooled high quality full grain leather

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1 review for AT-2 Brown Acoustic Guitar Strap Button Headstock Adaptor

  1. James Davis

    I purchased 2 of these AT-2 Adaptors . I have been using the AT-2 on a 6 string & 12 string guitar for the past 6 months. This item works very well. I have had no problems with This item. Waiting for the Black version to come back into stock to purchase for a 3rd Guitar. Thanks W&W

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