BS-72 Natural Suede Double Padded Cradle Style Banjo Strap


Cradle Style Banjo Strap in Double Padded Suede Leather

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This is our new BS-72 banjo strap in natural suede with double padding and cradle style ends

These cradle style banjo straps are meant to be used with Bluegrass style resonator banjos (Mastertone style or similar). They will not work with open back banjos or banjos with small attached resonators. The ends of the strap thread under and through the banjo’s tension rods and you should definitely check to see if they will work with your own banjo. The tailpieces are a little over an inch wide and 1/8” thick.  

BS-72-BRN Padded Natural Suede Banjo Strap

  • Premium Suede Top Welt with Thick Padding
  • Cradle Type Attachment
  • 3.5″ wide
  • Adjustable from 71”-81” 

For the curious, there are two main methods for attaching straps to banjos. There is the “dog clip” method, which is about like it sounds. Clips like the ones on a dog leash are clipped on to convenient spots on the banjo hardware, usually the tension rods, but also sometimes onto hooks that are there for this purpose. The other way is the “cradle” method, where the ends of the strap are wrapped half way around the banjo body, threaded through the tension rods and then laced back onto themselves. Neither method is necessarily better than the other, although the cradle style is probably the most comfortable way to sling a banjo. However these cradle straps will not work on every banjo. You need to have at least 1″x1/8″ of open space under your tension rods.

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