Polished Tourmaline Stone Guitar Slide “Tone From The Stone”


Polished Tourmaline Stone Guitar Slide

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Imperial Valley Guitar Co. specializes in resonator guitars and acoustic Hawaiian guitars. This is a new product from them that goes right along with their resonators. It’s a slide that’s made from stone. This slide is literally made from rock. The Tourmaline stone is drilled and turned on a lathe to make a really unique and cool sounding slide.

Tone-wise the Tourmaline slide is warmer and not as whiney as a glass slide and has less string noise. The sound is somewhere between brass and glass. Even though it’s actually made from stone, it’s not especially heavy. Even with the extra thick walls it’s still only 2.2 ounces, lighter than a heavy wall brass or steel slide.

Tourmaline Stone Slide Dimensions:
• 60mm (2 3/8″) long
• 28.5mm (1 1/8″) outside diameter
• 19mm (3/4″) inside diameter
• 4.75mm (3/16″) thick walls
• #9 ring size
• 2.2 oz weight
• Equivalent to medium size, heavy wall in glass slides

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