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NP-53 XXL Neoprene Strap Bass or Guitar Super Long – Up To 68″


Our extra, extra long strap with good padding and a breathable mesh face shoulder pad.

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This new NP Series is W&W’s answer for all the bass players and players with other heavy instruments who are looking for an extra long strap with really good padding. This NP-53 model also features a breathable mesh face for the neoprene shoulder pad.

NP-53 XXL Black Neoprene Strap with Mesh Shoulder Pad

  • Extra long neoprene pad with breathable mesh face
  • Shoulder pad is 21″ long and 3 1/2″ wide with leather ends
  • Adjustable from both ends to locate the shoulder pad right where you need it
  • Adjusts from 52-68″

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