C-22 Extra Wide Double Padded Premium Brown Boot Suede Strap


5.00 out of 5

3 1/2″ Brown Boot Suede strap with our signature double thick padding.


C-22 Extra Wide Double Padded Brown Boot Suede Strap

  • Brown Boot Suede One Piece Top Welt
  • Ultra Soft glove leather Back with Double Thick Padding
  • Contrasting Single Needle Top Stitching
  • 3.5″ wide and adjustable from 47-54″

These are 100% handmade straps crafted with special skill and care, using only ultra premium grade leathers.

Reviews (3)

3 reviews for C-22 Extra Wide Double Padded Premium Brown Boot Suede Strap

  1. Brian

    Best ever. Its the last one I’ll ever buy.

  2. James

    I rarely write reviews about products I purchase but felt compelled to give this strap a comment or two. 1st I’ve been playing since the late 60’s but never saw the need to have anything but embroidered/woven straps. My main axes are in order of use – a vintage USA Jackson Soloist ST, a USA fender Strat and an Epiphone Custom Prophecy Plus Les Paul. The last being the heaviest. Lately I was finding that about 2 hours in I was getting road (strap rash) where the strap was severely cutting into my neck, especially with the Epiphone LP. My wife found this site and ordered this strap for me. Once received and putting the strap locks on I couldn’t believe the comfort and relief I found. I have assigned this strap to my Epiphone LP and today am ordering a 2nd C-22 (different color/style) for the Strat. Who knows, a 3rd strap for the Jackson will probably be in the works as well. Thanks Walker & Williams for the great strap!

  3. blakeney (verified owner)

    As I have gotten older, I have found the strap I have isn’t as comfortable while playing and practicing. I was looking for a wider strap to help support my acoustics while I am sitting and standing. I looked on the usual guitar websites and was disappointed to find cheap straps that I knew wasn’t going to be what I wanted in the price range I wanted to spend. Quite by accident, I found Walker and Williams. After looking around, I decided on this suede extra wide strap. What a find! I love the suede and padding, plus the understated stitching is fantastic. I would have 2 3 times what I spent here for such quality. I will recommend these straps to all my musician friends…thanks so much!

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