C-22 Extra Wide Double Padded Premium Black Leather Strap


5.00 out of 5

All black with white stitching C-22 premium leather 3 1/2″ strap with our signature double thick padding.


All Black C-22 premium leather 3 1/2″ strap with double thick padding

  • Black Polished Top Grain Leather Top Welt
  • Ultra Soft Glove Leather Back with Double Thick Padding
  • Contrasting Single Needle Top Stitching
  • 3.5″ wide and adjustable from 42″-54″

The thick, top grain leather gives these straps the look and feel of luxurious Italian designer leatherwear.

Reviews (12)

12 reviews for C-22 Extra Wide Double Padded Premium Black Leather Strap

  1. D. Thompson (verified owner)

    These are great straps! They are super comfy and really seem to reduce the amount of stress I feel in my shoulder after a 4 hour gig. I play a Ken Smith bass that is ridiculously heavy and a few other rather heavy basses. This strap gets passed around between my instruments on occasion if I have enough time to make the switch. GO BUY IT!

  2. ernest clayton (verified owner)

    This strap is unbelievable for the price. Its really well made and adjustable for a wide range. I have a 9 pound Les Paul and can play for hours without any discomfort. I give this strap my highest marks, I could not be happier, FIVE STARS

  3. bayou bob (verified owner)

    these are the best of the best…tried levys but too much $$…these cant be beat if your looking for comfy, well made leather straps..they are big and will last forever!! i will have these and perris in my cases forever..enjoy

  4. NGEPOY (verified owner)

    Accurate description. Well padded and great leather material. No regret and in fact I’ll recommend it highly. Fairly priced and prompt shipping too. Matches my black and white P-bass.

  5. laurakressler

    I love your leather guitar & bass straps! Amazing quality. I fell in love with my new acquisition (G-22 Black) straight out of the package. Excellent quality, very well made, aesthetically & tactically pleasing, good value for the money and I expect it will be the last strap I need for this particular guitar. Looking forward to a reason to buy another one!

  6. J. Britton (verified owner)

    Beautiful, comfortable strap….even smells good too! I also play a Ken Smith and I don’t want to take it off now! great price, will be buying another one soon….GET ONE!!!!

  7. Peter

    These Are The Best Hand Made Straps. The Leather is Top Quality. Sits Nice On My Shoulder. Very Confortable. I installed Dunlop Strap Locks. Fit Perfect. I recommend Buying It. Great Customer Service.

  8. B Greene

    This is the best deal in high quality leather guitar straps in existence. I’ve played guitar for decades, and nothing has compared to this. Buy one.

  9. LG-Bass (verified owner)

    Simply amazing! I didn’t even know I had just played a 4 hour gig with the first set being 90minutes. The quality is absolutely outstanding. My PBass 5-string is over 10lbs. Of all the straps I’ve gone thru; this is the bomb! the comfort & fit is superb and straplocks went on in a breeze with no hassle. Only comment I have is that being height challenged (5’6″) and liking to have my bass strapped high; I had to get creative how I set thread the tail piece onto the strap; even that though worked like a charm. I would highly recommend these straps to anyone. Lastly, the prices are ridiculous low for such craftsmanship and quality. Customer service was excellent too when I called to inquire with a few questions. Thank you to all those at Walker & Williams.

  10. Mark (verified owner)

    I’ve been using this strap since August ’16, my favorite so far (In fact, I’m here ordering another.) It is exactly what everyone else says about it and for a surprising price. In my neighborhood, a buck and a half gets you a (stylish) cut up tshirt with holes in both ends. For less than a third of that, W&W offers these beauties. I tell everyone that asks, you can’t go wrong with these straps.

  11. Matt from Chicago

    I’ve had this strap for 4 years or so. It’s soft, comfortable, looks great, and has only gotten better with age. I use it on my heavier Telecaster that weighs in at 9 lbs. 4 hour stand-up gigs are no problem with this strap, and I’m 147 lbs and 69 years old. Great to find a strap of this quality at this price!

  12. James King

    The absolute best for boat anchors like my Les Pauls. I don’t notice how it weighs a couple tons anymore. It is a handsome strap and I can use it on all of my toys. The Gretsch fells feather-lite.

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