B-4B Super Wide 4″ Dark Brown Leather Double Padded Strap


4.86 out of 5

Super Wide 4″ Dark Brown Leather Double Padded Strap


Presented here is our B4B super wide brown leather 4″ strap with Walker & Williams’ signature double thick padding (almost 1/2″ of padding) from our top of the line Premium series.

  • Dark Brown Polished Top Grain Leather Top Welt
  • Ultra Soft Glove Leather Back with Double Thick Padding
  • Contrasting Double Needle Top Stitching
  • Fully 4″ wide and adjustable from 43″-54″

These are 100% handmade straps crafted with special skill and care, using only ultra premium grade leathers.

Reviews (7)

7 reviews for B-4B Super Wide 4″ Dark Brown Leather Double Padded Strap

  1. Waters (verified owner)

    My guitar is now more comfortable to play with the wider padded strap.

  2. Dave (verified owner)

    Beautiful strap, very high quality. I use it for my Gibson SJ-200 – great to have a wide & padded guitar strap for such a large bodied acoustic guitar – makes it a lot easier on my shoulders. A friend was playing my guitar with this strap and remarked “this is like the fanciest guitar strap I’ve ever seen!” It certainly beats out just about any other strap I’ve ever seen or used in the price range. Still a bit stiff after a couple weeks but that’s typical with genuine leather; already feeling it loosen up quite a bit – getting easier to put on and take off the guitar the more I use it.

    Very happy with my purchase. Be advised, you do need to coil it up tightly to fit into most guitar cases. Since it’s 4″ wide, make sure your guitar case compartment will actually fit the thing (height). My Gibson case has a big compartment and it barely fits in there – just enough room for a snark tuner and capo along with it. Not a complaint! Just be aware, this is a big (sexy) strap.

  3. purpledogmom (verified owner)

    This is my 5th strap from these folks and they are all absolutely GREAT!!!

  4. Zamar66 (verified owner)

    Gorgeous strap! The stitching is precise and tight with no loose threads. The leather is luxurious and well-padded. I bought a similar strap in the 70s. This is the first one that came close. It’s actually better. I ordered this strap 2 days after I ordered the bass it will go with. The bass is not here yet. W&W ships quickly. I am more than pleased. I think I’ll get another for my acoustic guitar.

  5. Blake Williams

    I had a “hootenanny” Strap on a guitar from you guys I like. I couldn’t find a bass strap in a guitar shop and found the B4B on amazon. Perfection. Premium quality, beautiful leather, sets up easy and helps me shoulder my heavy JazzBass

  6. Rick (verified owner)

    W&W straps are an absurdity (in the wildly unreasonable sense of the word). There’s no way on earth they should sell for a fraction of their value . . . and yet they do.

    The quality and craftsmanship of their wares is just top notch. They’re so nice, I almost want to walk around with them on even without a guitar hanging off them. That would definitely up the ante on the whole air guitar thing . . .

    I had just about given up hope where playing my Les Pauls standing up was concerned. The B4B Super Wide with its extra padding and 4″ width changed that for good. My 11-pound Custom feels like a Cloud 9 on this strap.

    Thank you, thank you, thank you.

  7. Matt

    I’ve owned this strap for 3 years now and an very happy with this strap. It is amazingly comfortable and really well made. I expect that this strap will outlast me and perhaps be passed down after I’m gone.

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