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C-19-BRD Bourbon Red Leather Vintage Slash Strap w/Deluxe Suede Pad Extra Long

$39.95 $31.40

This vintage “rockabilly” type C-19 Slash style strap is all hand sewn top grain leather and extra long, up to 61″. The C-19 comes with an extra large shoulder pad.


We are proud to say, we have finished an assortment of new colors, finishes, and leather choices for our much loved vintage shoulder pad slash straps. Some, keeping with our standard double padded veneered glove leather pads, and some with a new hearty Brazilian brown suede pad backing as well. All are 100% hand made, hand stitched premium leather straps.

Vintage Style Slash Strap Premium Bourbon Red Leather Extra Long

  • Top Grain Bourbon Red Leather Strap and Suede Shoulder Pad
  • All Hand Sewn Top Grain Leather
  • Comfortable Padded Suede Shoulder Piece
  • Double Reinforced End Caps
  • Red Stitching
  • Extra Large Shoulder Piece
  • Vintage Brass Buckle
  • Extra long Adjustable from 47″-61″
  • 1.5″ Slash Piece
  • 3″ Pad


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